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Historic Tennis Clubhouse destroyed for insurance reasons

The Baltimore County Club demolished its historic, but unused former tennis clubhouse in Roland Park on 12/9/2008, without communicating to a community already pissed over the club’s decision to sell 17 acres of its green space for development as a retirement community.

Tennis clubhouse destroyed, developers dont care

Tennis clubhouse destroyed, developers don't care

The club’s greats included Charles Garland, who won the men’s doubles at Wimbledon in 1920, according to a book, Michel said.

In 1969, the club held its first and last professional tennis championship at Roland Park, 10 of the world’s greatest players participated from that time period.  Pancho Gonzalez defeated Roy Emerson but went on to lose to Rod Laver.  Billie Jean King lost to Rosemary Cals.  Moments like this from history makes the loss of the old clubhouse especially mournful who live close.

“The building has historical significance,” Spevak said.

The demolition came the same day of a meeting between representatives of the club and the Roland Park Civic League to discuss the club’s plan to sell 17 acres to the Keswick Multi-Care Center.  The league opposes the sale and has asked club officials to sell the land to the league instead, so the league can preserve it from development. The league reiterated at the meeting Tuesday that it wants to buy the land, league President Phillip Spevak said.

Spevak said club officials made no mention at the meeting of their plan to tear down the clubhouse later in the day.

“We thought we had a constructive meeting,” Spevak said, adding that club officials requested the meeting in light of Mayor Sheila Dixon’s call last week for the two sides to have a continued dialogue about the land.

“They said nothing about following up the meeting with a wrecking ball,” Spevak said. “I think it’s extremely sad.”

The demolition fueled suspicion that the club has no intention of negotiating with the league.

Are their any historic buildings falling into disrepair in your community?  Have you seen things get torn down because insurance companies believe they are no longer safe to insure?  Should TriCare Prime & other insurance companies cancel coverage on humans once they start falling apart and aren’t used much?  You tell us…..



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